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Ilene on Ergo Body’s Pilates equipment with her friend, Oscar.

What Our Clients Say

“I’ve worked with Ilene for over six years, doing both Pilates and physical therapy following a serious injury. Her combined skill set has helped me maintain mobility in an active lifestyle. She takes time to assess my daily activities and interests and customizes my Pilates program to support my other practices, which include aerial sports and horseback riding and competition. I have seen positive changes in my body since working with Ilene and I highly recommend her and Ergo Body.”

– Martha Moore

“I first went to see Ilene in 2006 for severe pain related to my thoracic spine. After months of intensive work with her, I not only recovered without surgery but also improved my overall strength, particularly in my core. I decided that it was important to continue Pilates training for my overall health and physical fitness, and have continued to work with Ilene ever since. I recommend her frequently to family and friends, and my daughter and my wife have also benefited from her services.”

– Steve Tunstill

“Ilene helped our daughter recover and rebound from two knee surgeries due to osteochondritis dissecans of her left knee. After each surgery the physical atrophy was significant. Ilene worked weekly with our daughter to increase strength, muscle mass, and flexibility lost due to immobility from surgery. Ilene worked to get “asleep” muscles firing and cross body connections re-established. We are thrilled to report our daughter is back dancing and is as strong as ever. Thank you, Ilene, for your unwavering encouragement in her physical therapy rehabilitation. Your Ergo Body one-on-one physical therapy sessions were so fantastic and vastly superior from our initial experience at a PT BIG BOX provider in which our daughter was one patient among dozens in a single PT session.”

– San Marco Client

“I have been a client of Ergo Body for four years, and Ilene is terrific! She knows her Pilates and understands how to use it for your body’s benefit. Each session is customized to strengthen and tone all my muscles and provide what my body needs at that moment. I am 70 years old with a body of a 50 year old due to Pilates, and Ilene’s studio helps me to stay toned, fit and forever young. I love working out at Ergo Body!”

– Mary C. Palmer

“My experience with Ilene Chazan of Ergo Body has been exceptional. Her attention to detail and concern for the function of the whole body helped give me relief and address issues that could cause further problems. As the artistic director of the Florida Ballet, I have also been impressed with her thoroughness in working with our dance students. She works diligently to find the root of the problem, rather than just addressing the symptoms. I always recommend Ergo Body without reservation to anyone with injuries or physical limitations.”

– Linda Reifsneider Jenkins 

“For over five years, we have worked in solo and duet sessions with Ilene for Pilates instruction.  We chose to work with Ilene exclusively because of her unique blend of Pilates and physical therapy, and have found that her unparalleled level of credentialing, training, and experience enhances every aspect of her work. We consider Ilene one of our essential health providers and consult with her regarding all health issues. She is incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive, caring and dedicated to her craft and is always bringing new techniques to our sessions. Our bodies and our lives have been enriched because of our collaboration with Ilene.”

– Kim Vlah

“Ilene at Ergo body has been instrumental in helping me to continue doing what I love – dance! Her knowledge and understanding of dancers is what truly sets her apart from the rest. Ilene has helped me tremendously with exercises, massage, knowledge of how my body works and just overall one on one attention.”

– Jules Bouchard

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ilene Chazan for over 10 years, both as my Pilates instructor and as a Physical Therapist. Ilene is extremely knowledgeable, and her dedication to her profession and clients is unparalleled. She takes the time to truly understand each person’s challenges in order to develop the appropriate treatment plan, and she brings compassion and empathy to each encounter. I love my time with her!”

– Mel Schock

“Ilene Chazan has been treating both my body and mind for many years. She has a sixth sense when it comes to diagnosing the root of your problem. She then works not only toward your complete recovery, but educates you on the inner workings of your body and how you can contribute to your own fitness. You are more than a client to Ilene – she truly cares about your physical and mental well being.”

– Carmel Lea 

“I use what I learn at Ergo Body throughout the week, outside of the studio. Ilene has taught me how to develop sustainable habits. This style of Pilates is a wonderful blend of self-care and self-challenge.”

– Ashley E.

“My work with Ilene over the past four years has been fabulous. I have learned how to connect with my breath and body. As life changes, Ilene is right next to you with new and creative ways to move. She is a love and genuine treasure that will bring out the best in you.”

– Laura Thompson

“Pilates with Ilene has literally helped change my life. I have suffered injuries my entire athletic career and Ilene has helped me overcome my injuries and come back stronger than ever. She has given me confidence that any injury can be overcome and I am forever thankful!”

– Clair Domingo

“Ilene played a major role helping me recover from fibromyalgia. Her knowledge, empathy, enthusiasm and patience helped me reactivate muscles that had not been firing, relearn natural muscle connections and build core strength that was key to my recovery. Though the work we did was very complex (as was my condition), Ilene kept my safety in mind while sorting out many layers of physical issues. She also gave me tools that I still use independently to support and maintain the strength and muscle balance that we worked so hard to build. I am most grateful for her help and the role she played in my recovery.”

– Helen Cole

“After more than a decade of working intermittently with Ilene for my severe scoliosis, I have not only avoided back surgery, but also gained a much fuller understanding of – and commitment to – physical wellness and wholeness. Ilene’s depth of knowledge and continual learning is always applied with great wisdom, patience, and compassion. I have the greatest respect and gratitude for her skill as a therapist and instructor, and for the joy and significance that she recognizes in life and carries into her studio.”

– Lindsey Knott

“In September I will have been working with Ilene Chazan at Ergobody Studio for 5 years. First, 2 days a week, then 3 days a week, and now, upon my retirement, 5 days a week. Professionally, Ilene is multi-faceted, with her Pilates training, and her masters in physical therapy. While strengthening your core, and improving your level of fitness and well-being, her eagle-eyed medical background is always on red alert, making sure that the physical deficiencies you brought in the door with you, are addressed and improved.

 Personally, to me, Ilene is like opening the enameled jewelry box I had as a child. The music plays, and the ballerina in the mirror spins, and it initially causes an intake of breath, it is so beautiful. Yet below the surface, the Pilates gears are rotating, the rotors are moving, and the exercise mechanism is well tooled. There is a lot of work being done, below the surface. Your body becomes healthier, you become stronger, and you hardly realize it is happening.

But the best part of all, is Ilene the person. Perhaps it is her California roots (inside joke), but I count Ilene as one of my favorite top 5 people I have ever encountered in my 65-year journey. She is genuine. She is super smart. She is non-judgmental, and she will pick you up when you fall down. But enough for now. Come see for yourself.”

–  Barbara Lanahan

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