Pilates Classes at Ergo Body

Pilates classes are an excellent entry point to learning about or continuing with a Pilates practice and provide an affordable and safe complement to one-on-one sessions and private Pilates. Our new location has room for group classes.

Equipment & Mat Classes

Both types of  Pilates classes are a simple way to get into – or return to – Pilates work. They are suitable for almost anyone and can be structured for beginners through experienced movers.

Classes will utilize the reformer, chair, mat and small props such as Magic Circles, rollers, and balls. Pilates fundamentals and principles are incorporated as you focus on breathing, alignment, and awareness. The goal is to allow you to move better, feel better and become more flexible.

New for You: The OOV!

What’s an Oov? The Oov (rhymes with “groove”) is a rehab, fitness and performance tool that can be used on the mat or Pilates equipment. It may be incorporated into PT and private or group Pilates classes.

Developed by Danial Vladeta, an osteopath, the Oov helps correct for imbalances and compensatory patterns that have led to detrimental changes in movement and function. The tool allows for movement, stability, and control of the entire body, and Ilene is fully certified in all levels of Oov training. We’re excited to offer it now at Ergo Body studio!

Pilates Class Fees

Pilates Equipment Class $45

Package of 4 Equipment Classes $160

Package of 8 Equipment Classes $260

Contact & Hours 

P: 904.343.9497
E: ergobody@gmail.com
Hours: M-F from 8am – 7pm
By appointment only
Weekends & early mornings by request.

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Our studio is at:
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Give the gift of well-being! Ergo Body gift certificates can be used for private or semi-private sessions, classes, physical therapy and massage.
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