About Our Name

What’s in a name?  In the case of our studio – a lot!  Ergo Body is such a distinctive name that we’re often asked what it means and how Ilene came up with it. The short version is this: our name resulted from Ilene’s interest in language as well as her decades-long commitment to helping people of all ages and abilities find their best-feeling, most functional physical selves.

As an adverb, the Latin word “ergo” means “therefore” … so you could say that our name means “therefore, the body.” (With the subtext: “Here it is…let’s move to our highest potential and find our best-feeling body!”) What makes it even better, though, is that as a combining form, the word “ergo” also means “work.”

SO… “Ergo Body” means “the work of the body.” And we do that work with joy every day at our San Marco studio!

Contact & Hours 

P: 904.343-9497
E: ergobody@gmail.com
Hours: M-F from 8am – 7pm
By appointment only
Weekends & early mornings by request.

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Our studio is at:
2107 Mango Place, Suite 101
Jacksonville, FL 32207

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Gift Certificates 

Give the gift of well-being! Ergo Body gift certificates can be used for private or semi-private sessions, classes, physical therapy and massage.
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